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Define Success

February 12, 2024/

Let us define success by how we have found ways to help all humans, how we rejoice in the joy of others, and how we have enough love of ourselves so that we don’t project false anger at people who we perceive as different. From the moment we take our…

Trustworthy Car Repair: Davie Garage

February 9, 2023/

If you are looking for trustworthy car repair, visit Davie Garage. As a car owner (and especially when cars aren’t your thing), not only do you want to ensure your vehicle is in good hands, but you also want to receive high-quality services at an affordable price. That’s why not…

Free Random Email Tags ~ 19 to Enjoy!

May 31, 2022/

I am throwing together all the random email tags I have re-discovered at this point into one post. There are Happy Birthday digital cards, thinking of you graphics, and other various memes. You are welcome to use these reaction tags in your emails, social media channels, and message boards. As…

Best Jewelry Store in Davie: Zargon Jewelers

May 29, 2022/

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift, to have a ring resized, or would like to sell your old gold, Zargon Jewelers is the best jewelry store in Davie, Florida. It really doesn’t matter where you live, though (Cooper City, Weston, Fort Lauderdale). If you want a trustworthy jeweler,…

Summer of Kindness: Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

May 27, 2022/

A Summer of Kindness is what the world needs right now. While I put together a list of Random Acts of Kindness (RAOK) suggestions similar to this back in 2013, it is time for a fresh take. Though it goes without saying, our world is going through an unprecedented time.…

ADHD Bullet Journaling Part 2

May 25, 2022/

ADHD Bullet Journaling Part 2 is all about the contents. Your “BUJO” can be anything you want it to be or everything. By the way, you may notice that my photos are from my 2016 Bullet Journal. That is because it is the one I am most proud of in…

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A mix of art, mental health advocacy, parenting experiences, and local Ft. Lauderdale area reviews.

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