2024 Word of the Year: Abundance

My word for 2024 is Abundance, a concept far beyond material possessions. It’s about cultivating a mindset that transcends fear. I’ve observed decisions that are driven by fear often lead to bigger problems. While I strive to walk in gratitude each day, I have to acknowledge the significant impact fear has had on my life.

Living with depression, CPTSD, ADHD, and anxiety, I’ve realized the challenge of aligning what I know in my soul with the lies that my brain can often try to tell me. A mind in distress can often distort reality:

“I’m not going to be able to buy food this week.” “We will lose our home.” “Someone will follow me home again.” “If I leave the house, something bad will happen.”

-Lies my brain uses to convince me that I need to live in constant fear

To counter this, my core needs to strengthen its sense of abundance—whether that pertains to financial stability, a feeling of safety, or overall security.

2024 Word of the Year: Abundance

Word of the Year: Abundance

In my 2024 journey towards embracing abundance, I will be creative in finding/creating tools that work for me to better generate a higher level of consciousness in my decision making processes. (most ADHD brains do not have the ability to think before acting). It will involve acknowledging my fears, dissecting their roots, and the commitment to replacing them with affirmations of abundance. Meditation, positive affirmations, and self-reflection will be part of my daily routine to reshape how I decide to walk through life.

I see so many others whose words and actions are filled with anger, a need to see others as less than themselves, greed, and even hatred over nothing. Some of it is trauma based, but for the rest, it is created and taught from fear-based thinking. A lot of media today feeds that fear through lies and manipulation about what others might be taking from them when it is obvious that the universe provides for everyone one way or another.

The gift of kindness is found in the knowledge that we all live in abundance of something and maybe of everything that we actually need.

As I begin what I hope will be a transformative year, my goal is not just to utter the word ‘abundance’ but to embody it in every decision, thought, and action. I seek abundance in all actions grounded in gratitude. I hope that you will join me.

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