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Let us define success by how we have found ways to help all humans, how we rejoice in the joy of others, and how we have enough love of ourselves so that we don’t project false anger at people who we perceive as different.

From the moment we take our first breath, we are given the right to be our authentic selves, as long as we do not cause harm to others or the earth that sustains us. Every person that you meet… even if they dress differently, love differently, vote differently… they have an equal place in this world and it is not our place to judge – only to love and if we cannot love, we can respect each other’s right to be who we are without trash talking about anyone or denying any person their divine basic human right to be happy with who they are in this moment.

There are so many humans who suffer from illnesses you cannot see and that does not make their pain less than you believe it should be and it definitely does not give you any rights to judge how they handle that pain.

Let us define success by how we have found ways to help all humans

Imagine if we assumed the best of each other; imagine if we make assumptions (because we are human) that we do so with kindness and choose to believe that 99.9% of us have the best of intentions; and let’s imagine that other people’s reactions have nothing to do with us as a person or perhaps even a situation, but more to do with maybe an invisible illness or an internal struggle that we just could have no way of knowing exists inside of them.

We all have our stories on how we have become the person we are today and as new experiences continue to shape and mold us, we are allowed to give ourselves the grace and compassion to become a better person than we were yesterday.

Again, it is not our place to judge and our true mission is to love and if we cannot find love in our hearts, then we can make the choice to be respectful.

A world without negativity, a life that you walk in gratitude, a day when you get to feel joy by making someone else’s life a little easier …. these are the things that equal success.

May you all enjoy overflowing success every single day.

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