Free Digital Scrapbook Papers – Autumn

You are correct. It is not Autumn at the I’m posting these free digital scrapbook papers, but it was when I created them using the Paint Shop Pro. It was the first art program I ever learned how to use and there are so many great tutorials on the internet. If you have ever wanted to create digital pieces like seamless backgrounds, please check out Corel’s website.

Please feel free to use these seamless patterns for any personal project.

Free Digital Scrapbook Papers
Yes, I originally posted this on my other site:

Download the entire package for 6 free digital scrapbook paper HERE.

If don’t want to download the entire paper pack, you can save them almost all of them individually directly to your device below:

Yes, I’m missing one but you can find it in the zip file.

If you end up using one, I would love to know. Feel free to share in the comments.

P.S. The links to Paint Shop Pro and Corel are affiliate links which means that if you choose to purchase the program, I would receive a commission at no additional cost to you. Paint Shop Pro is a program that I have used and loved since the late 90s. I am always happy to share about them with or without a link involved.

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