• Peace Love Joy Completed Tutorial Result
    PSP4All,  Tutorial Result

    Peace, Love, and Joy

    Peace, Love, and Joy: the description of what emotions I am filled with when I complete a tutorial. I have to admit that I am struggling to relearn PSP much more than I ever thought I would. It is definitely not like just getting back on the horse after this many years away. I did my first major tutorial assigned by PSP4All and it was Peace Love Joy from Tcha. It’s a beautiful result for those who know what they are doing. Unfortunately I do not… can’t even figure out the plugin things. I did want to share what I came up with as I tried to make the best substitutes that I…

  • learning how to shade in pixels
    Pixel Painting,  PSP4All


    I was so happy to find PSP4All still up and running. Martine is a wonderful creator and teacher. There is a Google group too with wonderful mods, great activities, and a genuinely caring community. I have only completed two tutorials (this post was originally written on the blogspot site on Jan. 3rd, 2020) since coming back to PaintShop Pro and both were pixel painting ones from their site. You can see them by going to the Completed Tutorial page. I wonder who else is still out there?

  • Welcome to the Group Tag Extra
    Tag Extras

    Snow Fairy Tag Extras

    Doesn’t this Snow Fairy make for perfect tag extras? I fell in love with her and I was lucky enough to have permission to use Gamze‘s art. I don’t know if it was personally or through a group permission. The background was just me being random. You are welcome to snag these to save to your own hard drive to use in email groups or on message boards. Please feel free to share them by using the link to the site. I am sure there was an matching IncrediMail stat to go with these tag extras, but I no longer have it. If you ever see it out in the wild,…