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About Me

Hi there! I’m Melissa aka Daydreamlane. Thanks for being curious and clicking on this page.

And that is probably the one thing you should know about me. I am curious. I have an insatiable need to always be learning something new. Or in this case – something old that I have forgotten.

Graphic arts. Pixel painting. Art assembly. Incredimail stationery. Sig tags. Desktop wallpaper. Phone wallpaper. I want to learn it all again.

So, I recently downloaded Incredimail again, but I could not get it to work on the new laptop correctly as it would not accept my licenses. I got PaintShopPro 9 and the monthly subscription to Photoshop, so I’m ready to be creative.

Most of my old stuff from the now-defunct daydreamlane-pixels was moved over to which is finally up and running again. I guess I did not back things up properly so most of what I had made is now lost. I am trying to use the wonderful website to retrieve what I can, but in the meantime — it is time to create new things.

On a personal note, this isn’t the first time I’ve come back to this hobby. I first learned about sig tags in the late 90s. I had experienced a nervous breakdown and this form of art was the best therapy I found for myself.

If you deal with mental health issues and think that art therapy can’t work for you because you perhaps believe that you are not creative enough, I can promise you that is not true. There are so many great PSP tutorials out there for beginners that the only problem you will face is that you will want to do them all once you’ve created your first signature tag or email stationery. So, whenever I need to find balance in my life (and as a single parent to three teenagers that’s important!), I know I can come back and find true joy in assembling and sharing beautiful things.

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