Random Paint Shop Pro (PSP) Tubes

Today I am sharing some random Paint Shop Pro (PSP) Tubes. You can use them in digital or offline scrapbooking as they were all created at 300dpi so that they would print well. Almost all of them are safe for CU (commercial use) and those that are not are noted as PU (Personal Use). I’m not sure why anyone would want to use them, but here I am sharing them anyway.

I absolutely love Paint Shop Pro, especially for those that are new to digital art. It is user-friendly, allows for plugins and filters, and the use of layers. You can edit your photographs or do pixel painting. It is versatile but powerful without being overwhelming. I’ve been using various versions of Paint Shop Pro since the mid-90s. I am an affiliate for Corel, so if you decide to purchase the program using one of the links or ads, I may earn a cup of coffee and it doesn’t cost you any extra. I chose to be an affiliate for them as I truly love and use the program myself and have for almost 20 years.

Let’s Download some Tubes

Tubes are graphics created for use in Paint Shop Pro. They are pre-made images and you are able to easily manipulate them for your particular use.

I created the metallic frames above and there are no drop shadows on the actual tubes. I only put those on for this preview. Commercial use is allowed. Download them HERE.

Blue Glass Ball PSP Tube
Red Glass Ball PSP Tube
Green Glass Ball PSP Tube

Need some glass balls PSP tubes? Commercial use is allowed and you can download them here.

Chrome Frame PSP Tube

This simple chrome frame PSP tube can be downloaded HERE.

All right, I have got a long way to go in my art journey. I do not draw very well – yet. But you are welcome to use these images below.

Baseball PSP Tube
It’s a baseball. You can download it HERE.
Bird PSP Tube
Yes, it’s a bird. LOL You can download it HERE.
Website Buttons PSP Tube
Really old-style glass buttons for a website. You can download them HERE.
Full Moon PSP Tube
The moon is always full in my mind. You can download it HERE.
Hearts PSP Tube
Last, but not least, some hearts from my glass phase. You can download them HERE.

If you find a reason to use any of these, please let me know in the comments. I’d love to see what you’ve created. Hope someone can enjoy them!

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