Congratulations Graphics & Compliment Graphics

Many years ago when I created these Congratulations Graphics & Compliment Graphics they were called email tags or simply tags. These are images that can be used for emails, message boards, social media comments when images are allowed, reaction posts, and/or memes. People would create digital cards with all sorts of messages on them or even your name.

All the art used in these graphics was assembled by me using artwork that I had either group, direct permission, or I paid for a license to use from the artist/agency. If you like them, please save them to your device directly and don’t hotlink (directly use the image link) as I cannot afford that level of bandwidth. Thank you for understanding. Oh, and you may want to refresh so you see any of the latest additions.

The main art piece used in each tag assembly has the artist and their website noted in each tag. I will take the time to directly link to them soon.

I have some similar Congratulations Graphics & Compliment Graphics created by other taggers. I’m not sure if I would be allowed to share them here or not. If I see that these are being used, I will share my other collections here also.

There are probably some matching Incredimail stationery pieces found HERE.

All of these reaction tags/digital cards were created using Corel’s Paint Shop Pro. I’ve been using the program since the 90s when I could have never imagined myself doing any form of art. It is so user-friendly and there are many amazing tutorials out there. Give it a try!

PaintShop Pro 2022 - Photo editing software

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