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    IncrediMail Stationery,  Tag Extras

    Breeze Tag Extras & IncrediMail Stat

    I may have originally created these Breeze tag extras & the Incredimail Stationery back in 2012. It features the artwork of Zeiva. My understanding is that I was in a very zen frame of mind that day after reading the book: Piggy Meditation to my children. I loved it. They weren’t so keen. You are welcome to save these to your hard drive. The link to download the email stat is below. “Let the wind carry me.” This is a line from one of my most favorite songs. It makes me feel sad and happy at the same time. It is called Sailing and it was by Christopher Cross. I…

  • Artwork © Soa Lee Autumn Eyes Missed You Tag
    IncrediMail Stationery,  Tag Extras

    Soa Lee Autumn Eyes IncrediMail Stationery & Tag Extras

    One of my favorite older IncrediMail Stats & tags feature the work of Soa Lee and I had called this set of Tag Extras: Autumn Eyes. Bunny’s Attic (Ginny) was also mentioned in the credits and it seems like some of her tutorials were donated to PSPMadeEz – though I didn’t see one that looked like the one I made. I had the artist permission at the time of creation either personally or through a general Group permission. All I could find so far were these: Click the preview below to download the stat, which I was incredibly happy to find! I hope you enjoy these Soa Lee Tag Extras!…

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    IncrediMail Stationery,  Tag Extras

    Be The Star IncrediMail Stationery & Tag Extras

    I am trying to find all my old tags and stats to repost as I am relearning Incredimail and Paint Shop Pro and I am starting with this set of Be the Star IM Stat & tag extras. The main artwork is from the artist Moulin whom I had gained permission to use either through a general group permission or a personal one. The elements were created by me. You are welcome to save them to your computer. If you would like to share them, please feel free to pass along the link to this post or the Home page. I was able to find the original IncrediMail stat! Please click the…