Artwork © Soa Lee Autumn Eyes Missed You Tag
IncrediMail Stationery,  Tag Extras

Soa Lee Autumn Eyes IncrediMail Stationery & Tag Extras

One of my favorite older IncrediMail Stats & tags feature the work of Soa Lee and I had called this set of Tag Extras: Autumn Eyes. Bunny’s Attic (Ginny) was also mentioned in the credits and it seems like some of her tutorials were donated to PSPMadeEz – though I didn’t see one that looked like the one I made.

I had the artist permission at the time of creation either personally or through a general Group permission. All I could find so far were these:

Artwork © Soa Lee
Autumn Eyes Awesome Tag
Artwork © Soa Lee
Autumn Eyes Missed You Tag
Artwork © Soa Lee
Autumn Eyes You're Welcome Tag

Click the preview below to download the stat, which I was incredibly happy to find!

I'm Watching You / Autumn Eyes IM Stat

I hope you enjoy these Soa Lee Tag Extras!

By the way, I got a new page up: Gifts For Me. These are tags that have been very kindly created with either Melissa or Daydreamlane added to them for use as signature tags. I still am working on getting all the proper credits and links up.

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