Peace Love Joy Completed Tutorial Result
PSP4All,  Tutorial Result

Peace, Love, and Joy

Peace, Love, and Joy: the description of what emotions I am filled with when I complete a tutorial. I have to admit that I am struggling to relearn PSP much more than I ever thought I would. It is definitely not like just getting back on the horse after this many years away.

I did my first major tutorial assigned by PSP4All and it was Peace Love Joy from Tcha. It’s a beautiful result for those who know what they are doing.

Unfortunately I do not… can’t even figure out the plugin things. I did want to share what I came up with as I tried to make the best substitutes that I could.

The tube is purchased from VeryManyTubes. I wanted to show off more of her, but couldn’t figure out how to resize just her. Yes, I really am that clueless at the moment.

Peace Love Joy Completed Tutorial Result

If you would like one and I have the blank still available, I’m happy to make one with your name. Just use the Contact page to request or leave a comment below.

PS The PSP link is an affiliate link. That means if you purchase something using that link then I make a small commission without it being any additional cost to you. I am still learning about affiliate programs, so please bear with me.

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