Completed Tutorial Results

My hope is to keep a running list of my completed tutorial results. They will probably not be in order. The tutorials will typically be assigned as a challenge from one of the email groups that I am in. If you have any questions about an image, please let me know.

Currently I am relearning pixel painting and sig tag / tag extra creation using Paint Shop Pro (version 9). I also have a trial of Photoshop that I am not sure if I am keeping. I was hoping to relearn how to use Letter Creator for Incredimail, but since switching laptops – I cannot get my license to work and my many emails pleading for help have gone unanswered.

I do work on the copyright compliant side of things. That means that I only use images that I am licensed to use whether it is through a purchase or freely shared by the original artist. I didn’t start out like that … I just thought it didn’t matter if I used any image I liked. Then I learned about the snowball effect that has on the original artist’s ability to make a living. As a single mom of three teenagers, I am not going to contribute nor encourage to what is truly — ethically & legally — theft. Okay, off my soapbox for now.

Peace Love Joy Completed Tutorial Result
Completed Tutorial Result
Kiss Me by MizTeeques Tuts

I’ll get back to this page soon and add in the correct credits and links to these various completed tutorial results.

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