• Hold Hope Tag Extras
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    Hold Hope Tag Extras

    I am so happy with the way these Hold Hope Tag Extras came out. The main artwork is by the wonderfully talented Sue Miller. The tutorial is from Simple Expressions. It was done as part of a challenge for the DAH email group. I am a big believer in hope. Hope and faith are like oxygen for the soul. Never give up. Never stop hoping. Hope is light and you have to hold on to it. I hope someone enjoys these. What do you hope for? Right now, I am hoping this random fever that keeps popping up just goes away. I am always hoping and praying for my children…

  • Love Flight Hugs Tag Extra
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    Love Flight Tag Extras

    I have to admit to not loving these Love Flight Tag Extras, but it will be nice to look at further down the line when I get better at this. It was created using a tutorial from Rhonda’s and it was for a challenge within the Digital Art Heaven IO Group. The swans are by the artist Sue Miller. The scrapkit is from Miggins. The template was from Creative Misfits Creations. What do you do when you’ve created a tag you end up not liking for a challenge? Do you scrap it and just try again? Or lower your expectations and move forward? This was not a true Love Flight…

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    Breeze Tag Extras & IncrediMail Stat

    I may have originally created these Breeze tag extras & the Incredimail Stationery back in 2012. It features the artwork of Zeiva. My understanding is that I was in a very zen frame of mind that day after reading the book: Piggy Meditation to my children. I loved it. They weren’t so keen. You are welcome to save these to your hard drive. The link to download the email stat is below. “Let the wind carry me.” This is a line from one of my most favorite songs. It makes me feel sad and happy at the same time. It is called Sailing and it was by Christopher Cross. I…