• It's A Muffin Life Tag Extras
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    It’s A Muffin Life Tag Extras

    The PSPX3 group assigned a super cute tutorial at the end of January and it took me until now to have the time to do it. These are the It’s A Muffin Life Tag Extras. The muffin artwork came from Creative Fabrica. I used Cinnamon Frosted JF font and the Comic Zine OT Font. If you would like one, please let me know. I feel like I should have been more prepared to make these It’s A Muffin Life Tag Extras. I should have baked and had some photos to show off. I could have made banana chocolate chip muffins. Or pumpkin vanilla chip muffins. Or apple cider and cinnamon…

  • ©Sandi Baker - Artist sandibakerartist.com Broken Stream Tag Extras Assembled by Daydeamlane
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    Broken Stream Tag Extras

    I attempted a tutorial called Boundless Stream, but mine didn’t turn out quite right, hence the name: Broken Stream for these Tag Extras. The tutorial was an animation challenge from another great group that I am in called: PSPX3 found HERE and HERE. The tag features the artwork of Sandi Baker that I purchased from Digital Art Heaven. (The store is currently down – but they are working on fixing it shortly!) Even though my stream was broken, I was pleased with the way the sig tag turned out, so I made a bunch of extras. Feel free to right click and save them to your own hard drive. If…