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    I was so happy to find PSP4All still up and running. Martine is a wonderful creator and teacher. There is a Google group too with wonderful mods, great activities, and a genuinely caring community. I have only completed two tutorials (this post was originally written on the blogspot site on Jan. 3rd, 2020) since coming back to PaintShop Pro and both were pixel painting ones from their site. You can see them by going to the Completed Tutorial page. I wonder who else is still out there?

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    Free Avatar Icons

    Hi there! I made these ten free avatar icons several year ago… all of them were mouse-drawn by me. They are sized 80×80. I know they are a little small, but I tried re-sizing them and they just didn’t look good. Hopefully, you can find a use for them… maybe as site decorations or mini sig tags or favicons? To use them, just right-click and save to your hard drive and upload them where they need to go. TERMS: Personal use only. Credit not required but always nice. And if you would like to share with your friends, please send them the link so that they can see the rest of…